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Torment: Tides of Numenera postponed for 2017

Torment Tides of Numenera perenesli na 2017 god

Studio inXile Entertainment, which is engaged in the development gathered on Kickstarter more than $ 4 million role-playing game Torment: Tides of Numenera summary of the game, reported the next transfer of a project.


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The game is No Man’s Sky postponed by two months

Vyhod igry No Man's Sky perenesli na dva mesjaca

Not long ago, the network has passed hearing, that the output of No Man’s Sky may delay. On the eve of the founders of the studio with Hello Games have proved this information. almost two months later than expected – An adventure game and in fact will be August 10.


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Details DLC Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress


Creators with Avalanche Studios with the help of publisher Square Enix announced publicly the details of adding a term loaded with a view to an action-adventure game with no closed society, which is called Just Cause 3.


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The game was released for the blind without Pro charts blind Knight


French Studio DOWiNO has developed A Blind game Legend, in which there is no schedule. They presented the world video game for the blind, in which players have to help blind Knight return his little daughter and his wife.

As the narrative itself, and all the gameplay mechanics is based solely on the aural accompaniment. Narrator reads about all the events in the game, as well as reads the options for further action players. You can control the game using familiar gestures for mobile devices — touches the screen and swipe. The Office is organized on the principle of a joystick — taps players move characters in one way or the other, and flap their swipe his sword.

To enhance the effect of immersion in what’s happening with the game created by developers using the technique of binaural so...

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