In the PC-version of the Overwatch appeared competitive mode

V PC-versii Overshhatch pojavilsja sorevnovatel'nyj rezhim

The owners of the PC-version Overwatch prior to this day have a good chance to test the new adversarial procedure, finishing version of which was made available after the weekly beta testing. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he will arise in the next week.

“We can not describe the precise date, but we can note that the patch before the certification takes place in two consoles” – was authorized by Blizzard in the forum. The company claims that the separate start in the PC and consoles – this “not the most the best way to produce new content,” but try to change this in the future, to “upgrade is in an absolutely almost all platforms in a single period. ‘

Each season in the tender procedure will last two and a half months, after which will follow the same dvunedelny break. However, the first season will be one word others – it emerged today and will end before 18 August. As well as clarifying the founders, he had to start on June 1, and instead of transferring it decided to make a short-lived, to “all, without exception, were able to carry out in it as well as possible assistance to the faithful.” Members who reach level 25, are required to complete 10 matches, after which the same basis in the end they won healed rate from 1 up to the service, which says in their degree of professionalism. Rather than correct the gamer is, this figure is greater than he, and these more recent One unit of money in order to purchase the original blissful types of weapons becomes one.

The autumn season will last 2 and a half months and propose a number of changes. In particular, the fun will be gone, “sudden death”, if the 2 instructions reach similar outcomes in the attack and protection, after which the same are required to finish third, a major tour. In it in promiscuous mode is determined by who is attacking and who it protects the object – this macromechanics not attracted investors still in “beta” period. Remove it immediately does not work, for this reason, the original (summer) season of the beloved remains in the absence of change.

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