Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

All of you understand what publishers we are treated to the same fun annually: Activision the Yowl about Worship, and Ubisoft — Trigger man’westward World view. In the long term these companies Take-Two (and 2 k Trial in accordance with the) enormous stand out because of their similar franchises, istaskannyh read, and no (well, not counting the sport simulators). And then there are prerequisites.

Strauss Zelnick, President of the publishing house (Strauss Zelnick) decided, in fact, his company will be able to be limited and in the absence of such každogodnej milking. Taking into account the opinion of the Chief, the times not sportsimov touches voprosets, the ideal thing to do wait and demand. Kind of like, this way the franchise “rest”, and if you look at a different angle, there is more time for something really high quality. Actually before them, and the current number of games.

In General, the company is eager to ensure that she had a large number of sonorous names in zagashnike. So it will give themselves big releases annually, while at the same time will not “burn out” franchise to a deranged State. Yet Zelnick wants to issue most often joke in the main Take-Two episodes like BioShock and Borderlands. Wishing for the creations of Rockstar Highland games (such as Yard Acquisition Motorcar, Bolshevik Unflavored Absolution and Max Payne) virtually no schedule — no sign of this Studio will require dlinnovatye research cycles.

In short, in the naibležajšie months the announcement of GTA VI expect is not necessary. (A) continuation of BioShock is completely.

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