The remake will be released Darksiders action on modern consoles and PCs

The remake will be released Darksiders action on modern consoles and PCs

Nordic Games is working on a remake of the first part of the action-adventure Darksiders, which will appear on the current generation consoles and PC.


Full announcement was not yet, but according to the Spanish site Nextn, corresponding statement was made on Sunday in the Spanish video game festival Gamepolis 2016. According to the information received, the release will take place this October on PC, PlayStation 4,
Xbox One, and Wii U. More details about the remake of the promise to tell gamescom exhibition next month. At the same time the public present and the first working version.

The focus of the event was paid version for Wii U: the game will be available in both digital and in the “boxed” edition; It will cost $ 20; and there will be some function online. On peculiarities of action on other platforms Nordic Games, unfortunately, has not yet said anything.

This information is also perfectly consistent with previous statements and actions of the company. Recall that in October-November last year, it was released on a special edition of the revised and improved Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, and then the speaker of the publishing house announced that the company is thinking about a remake of the first part and analyze the possibility of developing the third part. Recall that the original was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in January of 2010, and in September of the same year appeared on the PC.

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