The Paragon is expected to add

V Paragon ozhidaetsja dobavlenie

Epic Games has announced another fighter who will soon appear in Paragon MOBA-game. Home dedicated to the hero by the name of Greystone (Greystone), can be viewed below. All those wishing to this character will be available on July 12 after the release of the appropriate free upgrade.

Greystone is best manifested in team battles on the front line. His ability to “kick the ball” allows you to quickly get to important targets, and “clearing” – cause enormous damage to the area in front of him. He is not afraid to substitute a blow, as the ability to “hardening” passively increases its resistance. And even when the situation seems hopeless and Greystone almost defeated, he turns to stone, and then rises through its absolute ability to “Reforging”. The spirit of a warrior on the battlefield falls from the sky, dealing damage to surrounding enemies swordsman and discarding them, and then returning to life with Graystone part of a complete health and mana.

Currently Paragon is located in a closed “beta” on the PC and PlayStation 4. The game will move to the stage of open beta on 16 August. Release of the final version is expected in the summer of 2016.


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