The game is No Man’s Sky postponed by two months

Vyhod igry No Man's Sky perenesli na dva mesjaca

Not long ago, the network has passed hearing, that the output of No Man’s Sky may delay. On the eve of the founders of the studio with Hello Games have proved this information. almost two months later than expected – An adventure game and in fact will be August 10.


No Man’s Sky – residing in developing kompyutornaya fun in the genre of science fiction, developers and publisher which is the British indie-studio Hello Games. It is well known that the fun will be widely used procedural generation of content, and will become a “sandbox” open world. A single image of the graphic quality of the game is inspired by the pictures on the covers of various erudite unrealistic books, in addition to the many creators have shown the impact of the activities that have an approach to the demoscene. The game was announced at VGX ceremony in 2013.

It will be released on August 9, 2016 in the platforms PC, PS4.

Gameplay No Man’s Sky involves the study of the global space and instrument, some of which may communicate with different configurations of extraterrestrial life, fisheries resources, the battle in the universe in a different, randomly generimyh areas of the galaxy formation and improvement of his ship, the implementation of tasks in order to “hunters bounty “.

Each sphere of world space and any land will be unique, procedurally-generated by a pre-set algorithms. Information about the absolutely stellar all the concepts and types of planets inhabiting their existence is disclosed configurations and updates, along with other players at the same time in any subject will be possible to observe its discoverer. The game begins on a randomly generated world, whether in such a case, deserted, with worms height of five-story building, get out-which already dostizhenie.Libo quiet, grassy planet similar in territoriyu.Byt this land will be in the edge of the galaxy and start the player does not become its world-ship.

It was originally planned that the game does not become multiplayer and communications among the players only cost the same for all information on the findings. But in the most belated interview with the creators of the previously reported about this, that the meeting with the other player will more accurately measure virtually impossible, as the scale of the video game universe, almost no cut, but they do not eliminate the ability of the implementation of the stand-order total passing game may previously after the release. In addition to this, especially it denoted, that these or other shapes would be possible to meet the existence of only 10% of the planets. According to advance information is common knowledge that the game will have 15 million more. Alternative form of detention.

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