Declared the exact release date Hitman


Studio Square Enix called the exact release date for the game Hitman.

At the very beginning of the release of a new installment of the series was scheduled for December 1, 2015 year. But then the developers decided not to hurry up and complete the game additional missions and locations. However, this team took a little extra time. New date set on March 2016 onwards. And only now developers called the day of the official release — March 11, 2016 onwards.

The official release of the game will be available in three locations: Paris, Sapienza and Marrakech. On them will be held 6 missions campaign. Further, developers will continue to replenish the game with the new content. In April, the game should appear in the new location in Thailand in may-location in the United States, and in Japan in June.

Judging from past statements by developers, each of the locations will be several times more than any of the levels of Hitman: Abolsution. In addition to additional missions and locations would complement the various game developers iventami, which promises players a variety of bonuses.

Developers also announced and cost. The main set of three locations and 6 missions “on trial” will cost the United States $ 35 players. The cost of additional content with another 3 locations will be another $ 30. But you can also buy a full suite for a discounted $ 60 United States.

We suggest to get acquainted with the gameplay from the following video:

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