The creators of the Hitman games published cinematic trailer

Sozdateli Hitman opublikovali kinematograficheskij trejler igry3

Square Enix and IO Interactive have released a cinematic trailer for the game Hitman. Just as it happened to peek in the video presented priznachnye effects from previous games in the series, showing how deadly is Agent 47.


I remember what PC users will be able to get acquainted with the beta version of the game since February 19, and the first moment of the game gets to the implementation of absolutely all platforms on 11 March.
Agent 47 is just starting its cooperation with the International subcontracting Agency (ICA), due to the way it shines perform specific tests in fitness. Direct this exam adapted to the beta version.
After this the same way you will pass the task of 2 once, for you shine cope with finishing the job. They will be the destruction of the American chess grandmaster Jasper Knight, who has got a Russian spy. Knight held in the Cuban military base and prepare for the transfer to the Russian Soyuz. Learning objective restored in order to verify the Agent 47 as far as the present situation 1979. In the game, a text, a number of different tests.
Among other things, is preparing to launch a step beta of the game, will have access to all the owners to whom PlayStation Plus for 4 March.

Gameplay is created around the dressing: in contrast with the simple stealth games, gamer does not hide from enemies in the shadows, and mixed with them in the enemy pereryadivshis configuration (to find it in the locker room, shattering the lull or the carrier).
Hitman will arise in the implementation of this year on March 11 in the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Impact of recent games in the series unwind in the 20 years up to the accident presented in Hitman: Absolution. Gamers will get the chance of notice as well as Agent 47 creates its own first surgery in labor subcontracting in an international institution.

Sozdateli Hitman opublikovali kinematograficheskij trejler igry   sozdateli-hitman-opublikovali-kinematograficheskij-trejler-igry1


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