TERA: The Next: Summer update TERA

TERA The Next Letnee obnovlenie v TERA

June 22 in all game worlds TERA The Next big update will be installed. This is the first summer update that will bring new dungeons, a change in the existing dungeons and arenas, class balance, and more.


“Castle Paradox”. New mysterious dungeon hidden in the depths of eerie Academy – “Castle Paradox” beckoning travelers in their possession. Who are the heroes are not afraid to challenge the mysterious Sophists edinopravnomu owner of this place? His ingenious machinations do not bode well, and you will need all your skills to defeat a dangerous enemy in this unequal fight! To get into the dungeon, you need to gather a group of 5 players or use the selection of dungeons. Minimum level heroes equipment must not be less than 409.

“Dungeon tests.” As you know, the heroes of Arborea – the most powerful and brave warriors, ready for any twist of fate. But to each one of the great warriors you must again and again prove their superiority. “Dungeon test” makes it possible to show everything that you are capable of. You are all alone to fight dangerous bosses and their henchmen. A worthy reward for only the best of the best.

The new battle arena: “Base Kumasi”. Battle against other players in the blood of the heroes of Arborea! The new combat arena open for the brave who have reached level 20. Here, you will transform into a huge embittered Kumasi and together with other players to fight facing against the opposing team. Whose side is the preponderance of force and who is worthy to receive the laurels of the winner?

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