Special Edition Dark Souls 3 before the release of the game

Dark Souls 3

Bandai Namco said that special newspaper Dark Souls 3 completely sold out, although prior to the release of the game still almost 3 months. This PS4-Prestige Edition version “sold out” over 2-hours after it was set it is possible to order.

A special newspaper Dark Souls went 3 2 figurines-Lord of Cinder height 40 cm and Red Knight 20 5 cm in height. The owners of the Prestige Edition will find complete with a soundtrack Disc 3 patches, map of the game world and Artbook with pictures of all 3-piece series of Dark Souls. Price is 320 euros.

But fans of the series have all chances to buy collector’s newspaper price 90 euro. Unlike the Prestige Edition contained in that it includes exclusively 1 figure-Red Knight.

And yet it is quite possible to pre-order the Apocalypse Edition with metal box for the disk.
In Japan the Dark Souls 3 will be released on March 24, and in the West will be observed April 12.
Dark Souls 3-1

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