Skylines announced winter addition-Snowfall


For the popular games Cities: Skylines recently announced a new addition w name Snowfall, which brings the game interesting changes: snowstorms and new commitments for players to manage their city.

Release date Snowfall still has not been revealed, but Paradox Interactive trailer still decided to publish. Watch it will be lower. As you can see in the video, heavy snowfall will not be the only innovation that will add in Cities: Skylines. Together with precipitation in the game appear Nova Technology and various objects like winter parks and stuff.

Gamers will be able to build a depot, designed to clean roads from snow. In the negative case, the vehicles on the roads will get stuck due to traffic jams, which can generate a number of disgruntled residents in the city increase several times.
In addition, before for Cities: Skylines will come out in the game, Snowfall, there will be new weather conditions-rain and fog. For these items the players do not have to pay, and here for snowy developer still asks for money.


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