Shen will present a gift to players in the new DLC for XCOM 2


2K Games and Firaxis Games have announced the release of the third supplement to the turn-based tactical strategy XCOM 2. DLC titled “Last gift Shen» (Shen’s Last Gift) is now available on Steam service and costs 418 rubles. Season ticket holders can get the content for free.


Together with a senior engineer of “The Avengers” Shen Lili (Lily Shen) we have to go on the classified “Advent” laboratory in which the aliens are developing new types of weapons. In carrying out this mission, Shen can assess the degree of threat posed by these alien technology are for your resistance to the army, and to predict how they will affect the course of the battle for the planet. There she learns that all IEC “Advent” is based on the only existing prototype, was working on her father before his death, and kept it somewhere in the territory of the object.

In Shen’s Last Gift of users waiting for a new and unique class of soldiers with new abilities, tactical techniques and personalization


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