Rumors: GTA 6 will recreate the entire territory of America


If the trust last sluškam film Rockstar calculates in a subsequent version of Grand Theft Auto will reproduce a whole area of America. It is assumed that the same is so deep the execution happens no earlier the year 2020.

For specific information, in Grand Theft Auto 6 will bol′šinstov all States and cities in part which were Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and so on. According to the subsequent plot Element GTA enough greater earlier in 2 once.

Official Rockstar data evidence so far does not exist. In consequence of this claim with certainty that the same Grand Theft Auto 6 investors are learning a whole area of America.

But in case if you decide in this case, this concept does not similar any recklessness may seem at first glance to the main eyesore. Games industry represents samples, if the creators of the restored the whole map of America in their own plans, albeit in a very reduced form.

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