Rainbow Six: Siege-open beta test date and infomercial Star "Pacific milestone»


To vyhodaTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: survived a few days because Ubisoft decided to raskočegarit′ PR machine to its fullest. At this time, the Publishing House announced another beta test (now open), also released the marketing spot featuring an aggressive black man in the main role.

Finally, the creators will give you more chance 1 familiarize yourself with “siege” before release. On 29 November 25 yard fun will be open to all thirsty on all platforms. Prep download starts November 23 and if you participated in a closed “Beta,” in a fresh test of you who could think be allowed to the day earlier, in other words the number of 24.

In “open beta” content will be available, which has not been in previous studies. For example, you will notice immediately 3 Russian SWAT commando-Glaz, Kapkan and all beloved Tachanka (and Fuze disappears at this time). Besides all this, in the midst of fresh releases will map Kanal Industrial Harbor and PvE-Terrorist Hunt mode — Disarm Bomb.

A complete list of the distinctive features of the future “Beta” has been selected in the illustration below. Direct attention, actually your progress is moved in the full version of the joke.

Rainbow Six Siege

After all, look what the marketing spot featuring live actors Ubisoft filmed for TV. The main face of the trailer became Idris Elba (Idris Elba), the owner of Golden Globes for her role in the television series “Luther”, also the star of “psychological barrier” and the Pacific 2-share “Tora”. At the end of the video, by the way, there are hyperlinks to other demonstrations, where actor teaches voyeurs like you should tilt your enemies in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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