Mark Hamill tells how he worked on Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Last month, the CitizenCon team Cloud Imperium Games, headed by Chris Roberts (Chris Roberts) proudly told fans the Star Citizen that in the forthcoming campaign involved a whole lot of 42 Squadron famous actors.

Then we fleetingly showed Admiral Ernest Bishop in fulfilling Gary Oldman’s drama nil (Gary Oldman) and listen as the singer work on a multi-million dollar plan Siim which are eagerly waiting for the mass of players in the computer games around the world.

But namedni off the creators was again prazdniček — they noticed trëhletie sverhuspešnoj Kickstarter campaign A Noncombatant per se. And on the prepositions introduced Studio fans with another Hero KP 42, which played known Mark Hamill (Silo Hamill), having us unforgettable Joker in Ganymede: Arkham Bayard. Say in history with Oldmanom, A mass of Imperium published a tiny piece of a character by the name of Lieutenant-Commander Steve “Casanova” Colton, video from shooting and seven-minute interview with the actor.

By the way, at the same event, Roberts proved in fact šuternyj module first faces A Naval Construction Battalion per se, the postponed “indefinitely”, begins to unfold for all users Worthy smaller Unmilitary naibležajšie a few weeks.


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