In Moscow, we counted more than 180 thousand players in Pokemon Go

V Moskve naschitali bolee 180 tysjach igrokov v Pokemon Go

According to the estimates of analysts, MTS operator, the number of Pokemon Go players in the metropolitan area in the “big three” network consists of more than 180 thousand people, and their number is increasing every day by about a third.


It should be noted that in Russia, this game for smartphones with elements of augmented reality is not formally launched, users can download it on the unofficial site.
“Based on the assessment of the number of residents of the capital region, the level of penetration of smartphones, the profile of the consumption of services and the development of mobile networks, the MTS analysts have concluded that the total amount of capital catchers Pokemon networks” Big Three “has made more than 180 thousand. Every day the number of users increased by 30-35% for all operators of the “big three”, “- said the resource” RIA Novosti “in the company.
As for MTS, in the capital and the region, there are about 69 thousand active users Pokemon Go.
MTS said that during peak hours playing active sessions account for 8-10 hours in the morning and from 18:00 to 23:00. On average MTS subscribers download 5 MB of traffic within an hour of the game. User traffic flow on a day on average no more than 30 MB

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