In DOOM new graphics update API Vulkan

V DOOM novye graficheskie obnovlenija API Vulkan

Hurricane shooter DOOM old school was released on May 13 on the consoles and PCs. The game has been very successful and has demonstrated good performance metrics across all platforms. However, now owners of the PC dare to expect that the game will show even greater frame rate on their systems through the implementation of support for cross-platform low-level graphics API Vulkan.


The publication on the official website of the publishing house Bethesda Robert Duffy (Robert Duffy) from id Software confirmed that DOOM on the PC now there Vulkan support. At the same time, he noted that some older graphics accelerators can exhibit improved performance, but warned that there may be and a problem (despite extensive testing, which showed good stability) – yet we are talking about the first high-end game that uses a relatively new API and insufficient run-drivers:
“When we reflect on the integration of support for Vulkan in DOOM, the main issue for us was:” What are the advantages for the end user? “As a result, the main advantage is the higher frame rate. There are a number of reasons why gaming is very important high frame rate, but the main concern of accuracy of movements and sensations Player. The game has become faster and looks amazing: we have tried to squeeze all the juice out of the modern equipment on the PC.
We expect that some older GPU is now able to run the game at a high enough frame rate. We hope that the list of supported graphics cards will be expanded with the new game updates and drivers. ”

It represented the first update for the game, which brings a number of fixes, balance changes and new features. DOOM is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Support Vulkan says that, in addition to the Windows platform, the game may be released on the Mac OS, Linux, and Steam OS. To assess the possibility of API in a shooter, you want to download the latest available drivers for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

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