Halo 5 introduced a new incentive to play every day


343 Industries announced a new loyalty program for those who daily plays Halo 5: Guardians. It has already started its work. Players get up to two free REQ-sets every day, just by playing in the multiplayer modes of the arena and the conflict zone.
To get this set you need players to win a match in either of two modes. Means getting new sets of Halo 5 simplified.

But Halo 5 is not the first game that offers an award for something that people are just playing in it. Metal Gear Solid (V): The Phantom Pain from Konami also contains something similar, but instead of winning you need only enter the game and get your bonus.

343 next week will release a free update for Halo 5, which will be named as Cartographer’s Gift. It is very large and includes such things as an editor Forge more REQ-sets, new multiplayer maps, advanced controller settings and much more.

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