Game Rocket Fist leave May 12



Fist Rocket is considered an arena game with crazy robots in chaotic battles. The purpose of proving his skill by killing each other with fists jet in this frenetic mixture of bouncers and billiards!


You can keep one Rocket Fist while, as you only get one shot to throw his jab before to run, hide and dodge, you can take it back!
Easy to learn, difficult to master, fast rounds Rocket Fist will keep you playing again and again. This is the perfect game to show his agility.



Quickly response arena.
6 sectors – Single Player adventure
Easy to play.
From 1 to 4 players on a single screen.
Both public command modes.
Several arenas with unique gameplay elements.
Random power-ups that can turn the tide of battle.
Unlockable costumes to customize the robot.
2 different game modes.
[Only STEAM] Steam Workshop integrated level editor.
[Only STEAM] online multiplayer arena.
Twitch chat option for interaction streamers.
The original soundtrack by Thiago Adamo.

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