Summer 2016 is very generous to the extraordinary video game that can be attributed more to the progressive art, if to the classic gaming industry. I remember wanting to be an excellent ABZÛ or obscure adventure INSIDE. August 16 implementation acts Bound unique fun for the PlayStation 4.


Fun in Bound designed the walls of a small Polish studio Plastic, founded in 1997, programmer and businessman functional “demoscene” Misha Stanishevsky. Demoscene – typical of cyberculture, which originated in the late 70’s. In those years, especially professional hackers worked marvelous visual “demonstration” or “demo”, with the support of the 1st computer code only. When this iron from very weak to squeeze almost all the juice, though it resulted in shock including seasoned professionals according to computer graphics. Consistent with the spirit, demoscene – probably a magnificent symbiosis of art and programming. Specifically, in this fertile soil arose studio Plastic.

The newcomer to the game studio Bound title comes from this, if a certain young lady comes on the sea coast, where the tower stands, where she soon some grew. Slowly walking according to the beach, she plunges into the surging at her childish memoirs. And in this episode is the most-investor transferred to prodigious theoretical world in which a woman ceases before us as a fragile ballerina wearing a mask of reddish glass. With the aid of the beautiful dance movements, it overcomes the obstacles that appear in its path. When this flow of images, music and sounds did not stop even for a moment, turning what is happening on the screen in a catchy view to the most demanding aesthetes.

Fun is quite brief and it is allowed to enter virtually from 3-4 hours. It does not act the least Bound has according to the last measure 2 endings, if you have the opportunity to re-stir pereprohozhdeniya.
The creators have built in a fun photo mode, with the support of which at least some Although it is possible to stop the gameplay in any moment, the right to elect his view, the graphic filter, and then publish the resulting sculpture in social networks.
Fun Bound – probably quite nice acts of guardians and the children, family and mutual understanding. All probably decorated in the best habits of the European demoscene as soon profound importance is placed inside the eye-catching visual envelope, find and pull it out of which shines the investor.


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