Events about time travel are constantly awakened in me a true interest, whether in this case, movies, literary creations or as your favorite video games. Remember though used such agents kinozhanrov, as well as Day of the Tentacle, Shadow of Destiny or Chrono Trigger, – all without exception, these games have offered us a beautiful story in which the player had the opportunity to work in the action coming, changing what-or past.



However, there is another concept, according to which this kind of manipulation of the period is simply meaningless. Just this theory sat down to the base of modern form of entertainment turmalayskoy Remedy Entertainment studio with a view to rent Xbox One and PC under the name Quantum Break.


The game’s plot begins with this, the fact that a young man named Jack Joyce returned to his own dear town Riverport (Massachusetts) after six years of wandering according to the society. Come ask his friend Paul Sayrin early age, which, together with his brother Jack Will operates in regional institute on a secret plan “Promenade”. At the time, Will Joyce with the help of the international organization “Monarch Solyushenz” and all this because the lively Paul Sayrina revealed hitherto unknown to science particles are directly associated with the course of the period. Particles acquired the name “chronon”, and these times scientists have absolutely all the powers tried to subjugate them for yourself hronopole disclosed, in order to gain power over time process.


Just can not wait to highlight the fact that the Quantum Break was originally assumed to be a hybrid of a certain video games and television plan. The entire game is divided into five acts, with which there are any number of individual degrees. Even after the passage of the next action a player for a short time, provide an opportunity to be the main culprit and implement a serious decision that will determine, as well as will improve subsequent actions. Paul Sayrin can look into the future, for this reason in the first place than to make a selection, you can also notice some of its results. After this, as well as the selection is made, the player will show a 22-show series of fleeting, affects about moments with Paul Sayrina existence and organization “Monarch” workers. According to the entity, the video game progress is concentrated in the adventures of the main character Jack Joyce and television series tells us about this, rather than attracted to his opponents in this period the most.

In the list of game options, by the way, there are a couple of very interesting settings. For example, you can enter the order of the dynamic range of the sound, the activity during which the game will be to smooth the difference among the sonorous sound and calm, allowing convenient to carry out including in a noisy environment (in this particularly liked familial peoples). I was also struck by the presence of enough capacity on the whole one button to switch off the whole “zakopiraychennuyu music”, to exist freely possible to stream the game to YouTube or Twitch in the absence of the fear of being fined owners of the soundtrack.


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