The game is based according to the animated film, which, in its own sequence, according to the arguments based video games. Directly positioned in such a way with the creators of the California studio of Insomniac Games own the newest product – Ratchet & Clank for the Sony PlayStation 4 console.


Before us is really unique product. This will not following HD-remaster is now very popular to do a remake of the highly significant known in his own time, a platform 13 years ago. Also perekroennoy from scratch a unique view of Ratchet & Clank Entertainment, before May 5 fans will be able to look at the large screens the animated film “Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers’, granting you the contents of a form of entertainment and the opening of many of its epic heroes.

2016 Sample Game of the Year, is solely for the purpose of PS4 console, we will set out again pretty epic connection Ratchet and Clank as this, according to the entity formed from scratch a remake of the most basic share series. Lombaks Ratchet operates ordinary mechanic in an automobile garage own head Grima world Veldis. In the depths of Davie Ratchet wants to move according to the galaxy and fight against crime, as well as make this his idols – Galactic Rangers under the command of Captain nice Copernicus Quark. And now, in the only perfect period, near to its garages with sky falls a little world cruiser, whose inside finds a tiny bot Ratchet Clank.


Musical accompaniment playing in a very decent level. In some places, including me, and it seemed then that is the soundtrack of “Star Wars” authored by John Williams, up until this off scale detachment separate compositions, but then replaced by the arguments in the most cheerful and joyful, something that immediately changed the atmosphere of the game. Just because involves voice, in this case, fun is entirely moved to the Russian style. Russian voice is very high quality, so that by the actors I have almost no complaints appeared. However, see what number tends to look – the absence of “lip sync” with the heroes of the Russian pronounces phrases. However, the sheer detail in the background of other positive aspects of the game.

Fans of the game take place in 100% of course the fancy concept of collectible cards, supplemented in the Ratchet & Clank developers to. Killing enemies and looking for intricately hiding caches, the player can acquire holographic cards, telling about flora, locations, characters, gadgets and weapons of the famous video game universe. Picking up a set of three cards each subject category, the player will get a certain attractive rewards, for example, will significantly increase the damage caused by “Multiklyuchom” Ratchet – detail, but nice. With opponents you can knock out a number of similar cards, however, accumulating 5 doubles, they will probably change to a different missing card in your meeting.




Best platformer in the present period in the PlayStation 4.
The triumphant return of beloved heroes Ratchet and Clank.
The game is almost completely saturated with a good and clever humor.
This is one the most beautiful games in the current period. In the absence of jokes!
Many collectible objects thoroughly hidden from the player.
A pile of the most incredible tools and original gadgets.
I’m ready to add auxiliary points a game because “Mr. Zurkona”.
Great music and exquisite easy to voice the characters.
The game just might be confused with the animated motion picture Pixar.
Very reasonable price in the PlayStation Store.

Significant disadvantage in the game simply does not exist.

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