Game Homefront: The Revolution


Homefront: The Revolution – a multi-platform shooter with a first type of personality, a process which takes place in a fully expanded the gaming community. For you to expect to stand at the head of counter units and enter into a duel with armed armies of occupation.


Four years had passed since those times, as was the aggressive intervention of the armed forces. America has fallen to his knees, and Philadelphia, once considered the site of occurrence of independence was transformed in the quarter. The automated drones and equipped patrols keep the population in fear and severely punish all of these is absolutely exactly who dared to appear in spite of the order. It seemed used, without exception, expectations independence Porush, however, not available: for the borders of the red region, in the area of ​​damaged streets and neglected underpasses created division opposition. The few brave men going up to the end of the expostulate to dictate, to return to complete the points still independent. See only the cost of independence to be able to do a great …

Key features of the game:

Explore an active and open the video game world, embodied with the support of the powerful engine CryEngine.
Scale uncoordinated struggle. Before you could not normal regular shooter: the purpose of this, in order to achieve the mission, you will need to know all without exception, practical basis of uncoordinated battles. Use the ambush, invasion and sudden shocks to retreat. Battles with enemies does not subject the scripts so that that any clash with the enemy will be the herald for you a unique gaming skills.
Create a confrontation: hire revolutionaries Lift base and shelter, and also ensure proper supply of troops. The instrument is configurable
Arrange the coup. Study course with native idle until the head of the disturbance. Mythical single activity to tell you the epic second battle because of the coup. Dynamic and transient society will conform to your exposure. In particular, contrary to civilization rise occupants.
Online selhozkooperativ. Take assistance netting battles, the image at the same time an indication of the protesters with their own friends and be the characters of the revolution.

Released Homefront: The Revolution May 20, 2016

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