Demonstration of “pre-alpha» Prey for the Year


A week ago, started on Kickstarter to raise funds for the development of action adventure with elements of survival Prey for the Gods. Shortly thereafter, the developers showed the gameplay of early versions of the game.


In the beginning, four minute clip we see the heroine of the game, pick up a bow and arrow and explore the snow-covered forest somewhere in the mountains, and almost immediately ran across a hostile phantom. The authors then demonstrate the abandoned ruins and the opportunity to climb with the help of a cat-hook. Also it was shown the basics of survival – for example, during a snow storm heroine will freeze, so you have to take refuge in a cave, make a fire and cook food. But the culmination of the roller becomes a battle against a huge boss, who can climb.

Prey for the Gods is the ideological successor of Shadow of Colossus, the development of which is necessary to collect $ 300 thousand. Recall that the campaign will last until August 6 so that you have a chance to help with the financing.

Events Prey for the Gods takes place on a deserted snow-covered island. “To survive, you have to destroy the gods, in which you believe,” – say the authors. As the spiritual predecessor in Prey for the Gods, players will explore the open spaces and to fight with the giants. The game will be released on the PC in December 2017.


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