Demo of Resident Evil 7 set a record for number of downloads

Demoversija Resident Evil 7 postavila rekord po chislu zagruzok

Released June 14 demo version of Resident Evil 7 gained more attention to the fans of horror than in his time interactive teaser P.T. In less than three weeks Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour around the world downloaded more than 2 million times, while the original demo Cancelled Silent Hills in the same period gained nearly 1 million downloads. With this result Beginning Hour set a record, becoming the downloadable demo of the single-player game for the PlayStation 4.


Demo version is only available for the PlayStation 4, and can download it only paid subscribers to PlayStation Plus service. Although Beginning Hour called demo version, the developers insist that this is the prologue, while serving teaser and proof of concept. The content of this demo will not enter into the final version of the game; protagonist it also will be different. In an interview with GameSpot producer of the project Masatika Kawata (Masachika Kawata) confirmed that the full version will be a weapon, but to wait for action in the spirit of Resident Evil 6 is not necessary – the focus of the seventh put on a frightening atmosphere.
“This game – a full-fledged horror survival – Kawata said. – The most important thing in it – the way you dispose those few resources that have to come out of this situation. ”

Many players with dissatisfaction compared Beginning Hour with P.T., «The Blair Witch Project” and documentaries on the paranormal, but recently the director of game development Koshi Nakanishi (Koshi Nakanishi) assured that there is no mystery in the game will not be. “Do not worry, we have not forgotten that this Resident Evil, and are not going to turn it into a story about a ghost – he wrote in the Capcom Unity blog. – In the end, [to show everyone in the demo and trailer] there exists an explanation. ” There will be a match and QTE-events.


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