As the largest of the heroine of the game supports Colonel demining troops Shelley Harrison. As soon as a result of the explosion she moved a hand and your own team, it sent in his resignation, but it was not there forever.

Afterward as Shelley had a mechanical prosthesis, it pulled back and she decided to go to naemnicy. In the Wall peaked at her shining bail out the President, because what does Harrison need visit planetkah 4.

In addition to the announced a broad arsenal of bullet shells Shelley will be intensively used in the duel its mechanical arm.

Overcame their enemies, the heroine will get fresh glasses and skill. They will be to purchase modernizirovanij for guns. Besides all this, described on the official website, the heroine can provide the right to choose between key and additional jobs.

Release date Bombshell — January 2016 onwards. The game will appear on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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