Black Ops 3 Starter Pack luring players in multiplayer

Black Ops 3 Starter Pack zamanivaet igrokov v mul'tipleer

3 Black Ops – Multiplayer Starter Pack beginning to sell in Steam Activision at a cost of $ 9.99. Set allows you to access the multiplayer part of the shooter, but just as with any restrictions.


Limited 3 Black Ops – Multiplayer Starter Pack:

No ‘Zombie’ mode
No campaign mode
Unable to play “his game” online
You can not get the “Prestige” (level limited to 55-m)
No access to or modifications of the materials modified game (after)
There is no access to the list of servers is not the rating (after)
Unable to reset the profile to reset and start over
It is not possible to play in the “dead heroes» (Dead Ops Arcade II) and “Nightmares.”
At present, becoming the owner of this kit, it is possible at any time to upgrade to the current version of Black Ops 3.

Because this experience, Activision will sell Multiplayer Starter Pack only until 29 February 2016.

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