BETHESDA a date for withdrawal supplements AUTOMATRON FOR FALLOUT 4


Bethesda proclaimed what Automatron, first a great addition for the purpose of Fallout 4 will appear in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 22 March. Studio presented and its first trailer.


We wrote earlier, what Automatron add to the game Quest in the process of players will find a flock of “embittered robots” and to overcome them. And after this it becomes possible to consider the data and construct unnecessary piece of iron with his cyborg parts.
This spring, Bethesda intends to make more no less than 2 large supplements – Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. 1st will allow fans of Fallout 4 in Heath catch monsters and determined in the fight, and the second player will send a secret colony of synths, where necessary will be to find the young woman disappeared.


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