Authors Prey told why use the name of the original


After the presentation of the debut gameplay video Prey was a question on why the game is called 2006 project, although the novelty and original, nothing binds. Director General of Arkane Studios Rafael Kolantonio tried to clarify the situation. He noted that the theme of the project sufficiently similar that allows you to borrow the name of the game.


“It’s always difficult to come up with a name for the game. A Prey – a good name. And it sounds good. People first game associated with the aliens to the space station. After the development of Dishonored of the team wanted to work on a new project in the first person. We wanted to develop a game where you need to survive. When we started, the name was available, and it can be easily linked to our game. We thought that it makes sense, “- said Kolantonio.

Recall Release Prey happen on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year

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