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Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

All of you understand what publishers we are treated to the same fun annually: Activision the Yowl about Worship, and Ubisoft — Trigger man’westward World view. In the long term these companies Take-Two (and 2 k Trial in accordance with the) enormous stand out because of their similar franchises, istaskannyh read, and no (well, not counting the sport simulators). And then there are prerequisites.

Strauss Zelnick, President of the publishing house (Strauss Zelnick) decided, in fact, his company will be able to be limited and in the absence of such každogodnej milking. Taking into account the opinion of the Chief, the times not sportsimov touches voprosets, the ideal thing to do wait and demand...

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Rumors: GTA 6 will recreate the entire territory of America


If the trust last sluškam film Rockstar calculates in a subsequent version of Grand Theft Auto will reproduce a whole area of America. It is assumed that the same is so deep the execution happens no earlier the year 2020.

For specific information, in Grand Theft Auto 6 will bol′šinstov all States and cities in part which were Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and so on. According to the subsequent plot Element GTA enough greater earlier in 2 once.

Official Rockstar data evidence so far does not exist. In consequence of this claim with certainty that the same Grand Theft Auto 6 investors are learning a whole area of America.

But in case if you decide in this case, this concept does not similar any recklessness may seem at first glance to the main eyesore...

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GTA V appeared real Hulk


A huge and very strong Hulk joins list of superheroes in Grand Theft Auto V.  It featured all the abilities and skills that are in movies and comic books.

They appear in Los Santos Green Giant must modderu JulioNIB. Unlike their comrades who actually did only skins for the main characters, Julio made a hero of his fashion as much as possible similar to the original. In addition to major appearance, at the disposal of the Hulk has incredible power.

For example, the protagonist can jump and landing to create a shock wave that knocks the heroes. He can pull up posts from the ground and use them as weapons. It is also capable to lift cars, heavy objects in its path and fling them into the air, not to mention ordinary citizens of Los Santos, which could be encountered under his big hand...

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