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In DOOM new graphics update API Vulkan

V DOOM novye graficheskie obnovlenija API Vulkan

Hurricane shooter DOOM old school was released on May 13 on the consoles and PCs. The game has been very successful and has demonstrated good performance metrics across all platforms. However, now owners of the PC dare to expect that the game will show even greater frame rate on their systems through the implementation of support for cross-platform low-level graphics API Vulkan.


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BETHESDA a date for withdrawal supplements AUTOMATRON FOR FALLOUT 4


Bethesda proclaimed what Automatron, first a great addition for the purpose of Fallout 4 will appear in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 22 March. Studio presented and its first trailer.


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Fallout 4: beta test patch 1.2.33

Fallout 4: beta test patch 1.2.33

Bethesda Softworks has released a beta test of the new patch for Fallout 4. It is available for all owners of licensed copy on Steam. What he brought new?

New opportunities

  • The ability to use the buttons on the numeric keypad to change the control keys on the right
  • Affordable reassign keys for fast container»


  • General improvements for working with memory and stability
  • Fixed a bug where èkipirovannoe identifies the weapon after completing the quest “Reunion”
  • Fixed a bug with the quest “call free”, when it’s not ended
  • During the quest, “a confident man, fixed bug where player health continued to recover.
  • Fixed departures, associated with jumps in the water and restart saved games
  • Fixed bug where saved settings not the Launcher.

This update is still being worked out, so before you ap...

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12% of the players in the PC version of Fallout 4 didn’t even come out from the asylum

11,7-Fallout 4

In Steam, you can follow the game statistics, including in-game achievements. One of the achievements is the “war never changes. It is for it, we can say that about 245,000 people don’t even come out of the asylum.

245 thousand! Who are these people? Who could not overcome their learning and stuck on creating a character? Or maybe they really didn’t play in the game? I don’t know, but the figure is very very awesome.

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A complete list of released Fallout 4

Fallout 4

In many other amusements in Fallout 4 hides a great number of references to other games, kinokartinam and other artistic works. Just a week or two afterward official release game players found several released by team Bethesda Animalia Studios.

These Lich King addressed a character

Afterward communication with adept Walt-tech investors have all the chances to understand the surname to his own hero. The 900 names can simply pronounce Mister Assistant. And a few of these names is a reference to characters from other universes and even employees of Bethesda. For example, the bot has the ability to call by the name Lord H′ûmangusa from the universe “Mad Max,” Griffin of even the mults Todd Howard (Howard), the head of the Studio’s creators. Sadly, for the Russian audience, Mr not trained as...

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