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The game is No Man’s Sky postponed by two months

Vyhod igry No Man's Sky perenesli na dva mesjaca

Not long ago, the network has passed hearing, that the output of No Man’s Sky may delay. On the eve of the founders of the studio with Hello Games have proved this information. almost two months later than expected – An adventure game and in fact will be August 10.


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In the update mode of Dying Light: The Following zombies can steal cars

Dying Light The Following

People again to discover the force of machines in game Dying Light: The Following, and that means it’s time for new battles players with Nocturnal hunters. Company Techland is preparing a new version of the competitive multiplayer modes “Be the Zombie.

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The free version is available at RS 2016 PES

PES 2016

Company Konami announced that the demo version today of the famous football Simulator Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is available on the PC.

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Announced Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Funcom recently hinted that should go another game about Conan the barbarian. So, today, all waited her official announcement.

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Star Fox Zero will receive the support of amiibo

Star Fox Zero

Upcoming Platinum Games Studio and detachment of Nintendo EAD Group No. 5 for release on the Wii console U scrolling shooter game Star Fox Zero will receive the support of interactive figures amiibo.

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Skylines announced winter addition-Snowfall


For the popular games Cities: Skylines recently announced a new addition w name Snowfall, which brings the game interesting changes: snowstorms and new commitments for players to manage their city.

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Left Christmas update Warface


All fans are waiting for the new update Warface: festive PvP cards, powerful weapons, Christmas decoration games and, of course, lots of gifts and other surprises surprises.

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A complete list of released Fallout 4

Fallout 4

In many other amusements in Fallout 4 hides a great number of references to other games, kinokartinam and other artistic works. Just a week or two afterward official release game players found several released by team Bethesda Animalia Studios.

These Lich King addressed a character

Afterward communication with adept Walt-tech investors have all the chances to understand the surname to his own hero. The 900 names can simply pronounce Mister Assistant. And a few of these names is a reference to characters from other universes and even employees of Bethesda. For example, the bot has the ability to call by the name Lord H′ûmangusa from the universe “Mad Max,” Griffin of even the mults Todd Howard (Howard), the head of the Studio’s creators. Sadly, for the Russian audience, Mr not trained as...

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GTA V appeared real Hulk


A huge and very strong Hulk joins list of superheroes in Grand Theft Auto V.  It featured all the abilities and skills that are in movies and comic books.

They appear in Los Santos Green Giant must modderu JulioNIB. Unlike their comrades who actually did only skins for the main characters, Julio made a hero of his fashion as much as possible similar to the original. In addition to major appearance, at the disposal of the Hulk has incredible power.

For example, the protagonist can jump and landing to create a shock wave that knocks the heroes. He can pull up posts from the ground and use them as weapons. It is also capable to lift cars, heavy objects in its path and fling them into the air, not to mention ordinary citizens of Los Santos, which could be encountered under his big hand...

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