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Testing multiplayer Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 will start on October 14

Testirovanie mul'tipleera Call of Duty Infinite Warfare startuet na PS4 14 oktjabrja

Gamers PlayStation 4 may be the main test network-wide procedure for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: their test platform multiplayer games will begin on October 14.

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Known Halo 5 release date: Forge on the PC


Group Xbox said what tehred Halo 5 levels September 8: Forge will be available for the purpose of loading via the Windows Store on the PC with Windows 10. In addition, in this same period, September 8, will be another addition Anvil’s Legacy for the purpose of Halo 5: Guardians in the Xbox One, suggest that a fresh procedure Forge, 2 the latest game in the card, the newest weapon, the ability of accrued options and much more.


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Summer 2016 is very generous to the extraordinary video game that can be attributed more to the progressive art, if to the classic gaming industry. I remember wanting to be an excellent ABZÛ or obscure adventure INSIDE. August 16 implementation acts Bound unique fun for the PlayStation 4.


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In Moscow, we counted more than 180 thousand players in Pokemon Go

V Moskve naschitali bolee 180 tysjach igrokov v Pokemon Go

According to the estimates of analysts, MTS operator, the number of Pokemon Go players in the metropolitan area in the “big three” network consists of more than 180 thousand people, and their number is increasing every day by about a third.


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Demonstration of “pre-alpha» Prey for the Year


A week ago, started on Kickstarter to raise funds for the development of action adventure with elements of survival Prey for the Gods. Shortly thereafter, the developers showed the gameplay of early versions of the game.


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The Paragon is expected to add

V Paragon ozhidaetsja dobavlenie

Epic Games has announced another fighter who will soon appear in Paragon MOBA-game. Home dedicated to the hero by the name of Greystone (Greystone), can be viewed below. All those wishing to this character will be available on July 12 after the release of the appropriate free upgrade.

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Robinson: The Journey Almost like in “Jurassic Park”

Robinson The Journey Pochti kak v Parke jurskogo perioda

Gameplay Robinson: The Journey

In the past few years, the company Crytek has lost the reputation of the developer capable of creating some of the most graphically impressive games in the industry.

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Necropolis will be released July 12


Necropolis, adventure action with components of “bagel” with studio Harebrained Schemes, will appear in the PC on July 12 and up to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will appear “in the summer season.” And the most fascinating here is the fact that at the time of the game output was moved from March to the summer to make the console and PC versions at the same time.


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The game is No Man’s Sky postponed by two months

Vyhod igry No Man's Sky perenesli na dva mesjaca

Not long ago, the network has passed hearing, that the output of No Man’s Sky may delay. On the eve of the founders of the studio with Hello Games have proved this information. almost two months later than expected – An adventure game and in fact will be August 10.


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Known release date Elite Dangerous: Horizons on Xbox One


The company Frontier Developments Named Elite Dangerous Release date: Horizons for the game console Xbox One with Microsoft. Start the update will take place June 3, 2016.
Recall, Elite Dangerous: Horizons involves him deep development for adventurous multiplayer game Elite Dangerous, concludes with a series of additions. PC version released in December 2015.


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