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Russian-language Path of Exile will be closed in August


Garena company reported bad news for Russian gamers – it closes its division in the CIS.


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Fresh trailer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Svezhij trejler Sniper Ghost Shharrior 31

City Interactive Studio has released a new trailer for their shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the description of which reads: “Play as an American sniper, landed in Georgia, near the border with Russia. Choose your own path to set in an open world, the problem of the game. ”

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The remake will be released Darksiders action on modern consoles and PCs

The remake will be released Darksiders action on modern consoles and PCs

Nordic Games is working on a remake of the first part of the action-adventure Darksiders, which will appear on the current generation consoles and PC.


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In DOOM new graphics update API Vulkan

V DOOM novye graficheskie obnovlenija API Vulkan

Hurricane shooter DOOM old school was released on May 13 on the consoles and PCs. The game has been very successful and has demonstrated good performance metrics across all platforms. However, now owners of the PC dare to expect that the game will show even greater frame rate on their systems through the implementation of support for cross-platform low-level graphics API Vulkan.


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Necropolis will be released July 12


Necropolis, adventure action with components of “bagel” with studio Harebrained Schemes, will appear in the PC on July 12 and up to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will appear “in the summer season.” And the most fascinating here is the fact that at the time of the game output was moved from March to the summer to make the console and PC versions at the same time.


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Game P.a.m.e.l.a. the transfer of the release period


Exit survival / action games P.a.m.e.l.a. soft and expectedly moved in the summer of 2016 in his end. Due to manufacturing as well as the total absence of play in the final suspension has started to bad manners including the purpose of large creators, and indium studio workers making their own work in the period as well as in general for Lepers it will look.


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Game Homefront: The Revolution


Homefront: The Revolution – a multi-platform shooter with a first type of personality, a process which takes place in a fully expanded the gaming community. For you to expect to stand at the head of counter units and enter into a duel with armed armies of occupation.


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Game Rocket Fist leave May 12



Fist Rocket is considered an arena game with crazy robots in chaotic battles. The purpose of proving his skill by killing each other with fists jet in this frenetic mixture of bouncers and billiards!


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The creators of the Hitman games published cinematic trailer

Sozdateli Hitman opublikovali kinematograficheskij trejler igry3

Square Enix and IO Interactive have released a cinematic trailer for the game Hitman. Just as it happened to peek in the video presented priznachnye effects from previous games in the series, showing how deadly is Agent 47.


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Details DLC Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress


Creators with Avalanche Studios with the help of publisher Square Enix announced publicly the details of adding a term loaded with a view to an action-adventure game with no closed society, which is called Just Cause 3.


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