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Left Christmas update Warface


All fans are waiting for the new update Warface: festive PvP cards, powerful weapons, Christmas decoration games and, of course, lots of gifts and other surprises surprises.

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Halo 5 introduced a new incentive to play every day


343 Industries announced a new loyalty program for those who daily plays Halo 5: Guardians. It has already started its work. Players get up to two free REQ-sets every day, just by playing in the multiplayer modes of the arena and the conflict zone.
To get this set you need players to win a match in either of two modes. Means getting new sets of Halo 5 simplified.

But Halo 5 is not the first game that offers an award for something that people are just playing in it. Metal Gear Solid (V): The Phantom Pain from Konami also contains something similar, but instead of winning you need only enter the game and get your bonus.

343 next week will release a free update for Halo 5, which will be named as Cartographer’s Gift. It is very large and includes such things as an editor Forge more REQ-sets, ...

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Release date Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster


The Japanese company Capcom announced the release date for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster.

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A remake of Final Fantasy VII game created on Unreal Engine 4

Final Fantasy VII

Another news about the remake of the Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. The company said Square Enix and Epic Games, the project is created on Unreal Engine 4. This way, a Final Fantasy VII Remake was another development of Japanese Publisher uses its Luminous Engine.

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After the release of the Overwatch players await only free add-ons


Blizzard stated that after the release of the Overwatch players waiting for purely gratuitous additions, among which the latest characters and maps.

“We already have ideas about complementary materials for the game. Truthfully speaking, we’ve speculated about how best to add new characters and additional cards in Overwatch. In the end, we decided to do it in the form of grants for updates — singled out Director games Jeff Kaplan.

He clarified that nobody in the Blizzard still does not understand exactly when to Overwatch comes out fresh content. The game itself, recall, find on PS4 and Xbox PC One well almost at the end of the winter of the coming year.

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Baba Yaga showed in the movie Rise of the Tomb Raider


Square Enix pokazalaa public a new trailer for the game Rise of the Tomb Raider. Developers have shown in the video and the cottage of the Yasu Babu chicken legs.

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Microsoft apparently decided, in fact some players just need a new modification of their gaming console and touting Xbox Worldling FFVs. According to the official followers of the company, this version of the console will be rezvee vrubat′sâ, rezvee download your video games, and so will rezvee and much better in virtually everything.

Xbox-one elite bundle

So what still stands out for the Xbox for FFVs Worldling 500 bucks from ordinary sets of prefixes, which is now sold for 350 bucks? First, in an updated console installed hybrid hard drive 1 TB. On a theoretical level this is really working console rezvee yet allow and the obligations of the official persons of the company very plausible.


Secondly, bundled with the console goes fresh gamepad Xbox World of fashion Teletype’s Big Brother, which was submitt...

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Fallout 4: beta test patch 1.2.33

Fallout 4: beta test patch 1.2.33

Bethesda Softworks has released a beta test of the new patch for Fallout 4. It is available for all owners of licensed copy on Steam. What he brought new?

New opportunities

  • The ability to use the buttons on the numeric keypad to change the control keys on the right
  • Affordable reassign keys for fast container»


  • General improvements for working with memory and stability
  • Fixed a bug where èkipirovannoe identifies the weapon after completing the quest “Reunion”
  • Fixed a bug with the quest “call free”, when it’s not ended
  • During the quest, “a confident man, fixed bug where player health continued to recover.
  • Fixed departures, associated with jumps in the water and restart saved games
  • Fixed bug where saved settings not the Launcher.

This update is still being worked out, so before you ap...

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12% of the players in the PC version of Fallout 4 didn’t even come out from the asylum

11,7-Fallout 4

In Steam, you can follow the game statistics, including in-game achievements. One of the achievements is the “war never changes. It is for it, we can say that about 245,000 people don’t even come out of the asylum.

245 thousand! Who are these people? Who could not overcome their learning and stuck on creating a character? Or maybe they really didn’t play in the game? I don’t know, but the figure is very very awesome.

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As the largest of the heroine of the game supports Colonel demining troops Shelley Harrison. As soon as a result of the explosion she moved a hand and your own team, it sent in his resignation, but it was not there forever.

Afterward as Shelley had a mechanical prosthesis, it pulled back and she decided to go to naemnicy. In the Wall peaked at her shining bail out the President, because what does Harrison need visit planetkah 4.

In addition to the announced a broad arsenal of bullet shells Shelley will be intensively used in the duel its mechanical arm.

Overcame their enemies, the heroine will get fresh glasses and skill. They will be to purchase modernizirovanij for guns...

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