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Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

Why you should not wait for BioShock, GTA or Red Dead Redemption every year

All of you understand what publishers we are treated to the same fun annually: Activision the Yowl about Worship, and Ubisoft — Trigger man’westward World view. In the long term these companies Take-Two (and 2 k Trial in accordance with the) enormous stand out because of their similar franchises, istaskannyh read, and no (well, not counting the sport simulators). And then there are prerequisites.

Strauss Zelnick, President of the publishing house (Strauss Zelnick) decided, in fact, his company will be able to be limited and in the absence of such každogodnej milking. Taking into account the opinion of the Chief, the times not sportsimov touches voprosets, the ideal thing to do wait and demand...

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Mark Hamill tells how he worked on Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Last month, the CitizenCon team Cloud Imperium Games, headed by Chris Roberts (Chris Roberts) proudly told fans the Star Citizen that in the forthcoming campaign involved a whole lot of 42 Squadron famous actors.

Then we fleetingly showed Admiral Ernest Bishop in fulfilling Gary Oldman’s drama nil (Gary Oldman) and listen as the singer work on a multi-million dollar plan Siim which are eagerly waiting for the mass of players in the computer games around the world.

But namedni off the creators was again prazdniček — they noticed trëhletie sverhuspešnoj Kickstarter campaign A Noncombatant per se. And on the prepositions introduced Studio fans with another Hero KP 42, which played known Mark Hamill (Silo Hamill), having us unforgettable Joker in Ganymede: Arkham Bayard...

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Rainbow Six: Siege-open beta test date and infomercial Star "Pacific milestone»


To vyhodaTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: survived a few days because Ubisoft decided to raskočegarit′ PR machine to its fullest. At this time, the Publishing House announced another beta test (now open), also released the marketing spot featuring an aggressive black man in the main role.

Finally, the creators will give you more chance 1 familiarize yourself with “siege” before release. On 29 November 25 yard fun will be open to all thirsty on all platforms. Prep download starts November 23 and if you participated in a closed “Beta,” in a fresh test of you who could think be allowed to the day earlier, in other words the number of 24.

In “open beta” content will be available, which has not been in previous studies...

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A complete list of released Fallout 4

Fallout 4

In many other amusements in Fallout 4 hides a great number of references to other games, kinokartinam and other artistic works. Just a week or two afterward official release game players found several released by team Bethesda Animalia Studios.

These Lich King addressed a character

Afterward communication with adept Walt-tech investors have all the chances to understand the surname to his own hero. The 900 names can simply pronounce Mister Assistant. And a few of these names is a reference to characters from other universes and even employees of Bethesda. For example, the bot has the ability to call by the name Lord H′ûmangusa from the universe “Mad Max,” Griffin of even the mults Todd Howard (Howard), the head of the Studio’s creators. Sadly, for the Russian audience, Mr not trained as...

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8 years later, the shooter Crysis looks better than some of the contemporary games


The company Crytek has largest popularity after the release of shooter Crytek in early November 2007 year. Since that time the German Studio is considered one of the most experienced developed realistic graphics. And, as it became known, thanks to several modifications of the game so far is ready to be on an equal footing and look no worse than most progressive games.

16 November 1 part Crysis turned 8 years old. Birthday party shooter modders have decided to post a few screenshots to show around the world, as had the opportunity would look shooter now using advanced graphics technology.





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Rumors: GTA 6 will recreate the entire territory of America


If the trust last sluškam film Rockstar calculates in a subsequent version of Grand Theft Auto will reproduce a whole area of America. It is assumed that the same is so deep the execution happens no earlier the year 2020.

For specific information, in Grand Theft Auto 6 will bol′šinstov all States and cities in part which were Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and so on. According to the subsequent plot Element GTA enough greater earlier in 2 once.

Official Rockstar data evidence so far does not exist. In consequence of this claim with certainty that the same Grand Theft Auto 6 investors are learning a whole area of America.

But in case if you decide in this case, this concept does not similar any recklessness may seem at first glance to the main eyesore...

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